Selected Publications


Laurel Review – Reverse-Moses (November 2022)

Whale Road Review pretty stegosaurus (June 2022)

Notre Dame ReviewHow It Happened (January 2022)

The Ekphrastic Review – The View from Heaven (June 2021)

One Sentence PoemsMother (May 2021)

Barely South Review – there-there (Spring 2021)

Buddhist Poetry ReviewThiratodes (Spring 2021)

Ample Remains – daughter (March 2021)

Black Coffee Review – Just Keep Doing Your Thing (Spring 2021)

The Lake – When My Father Turned Seventy (December 2020)

Storm Cellar – Little Lamb

South 85 Journal – The Hunting Truck

Crack the Spine Literary Magazine – Fireflies

Blue Monday Review – Fellow Snorers

North Central Review – Playing God


Our Bodies Will Remember : A Review of Hematology – Up the Staircase Quarterly

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